Internet Circuit Monitoring External Testing Locations

Mosaic has several testing locations we use for monitoring the availability of Internet circuits. These checkpoints are part of our services and are intended to provide you with details about up/down availability of your circuits.

However, to enable monitoring of your circuits we require that you whitelist the IPs and address blocks listed below on your firewalls and/or routers. If in addition to circuits or Global Carrier Management services, Mosaic is providing your organization with SDWAN, Managed Firewall, or Managed Router services, you do not need to whitelist an IPs unless there is a upstream router or firewall that Mosaic does not manage. Please confirm with the Mosaic NOC if uncertain.

For circuit monitoring we only require you to allow the ICMP protocol from the following:

  • Asia - Singapore -
  • Australia - Sydney -
  • EU - Dublin -
  • US - Oregon -
  • US - Washington DC -

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