Managed LAN Standard Ticket Questions


If it is not a “Priority 1 (P1)” issue, please gather the below information prior to opening a ticket with the Mosaic NOC either via email (, Support portal ( or via Slack channel (if applicable).

If you consider this a P1 issue please open a request with the Mosaic NOC FIRST and gather the below information after. The Mosaic NOC reserves the right to downgrade priority upon further investigation of the issue.

Mosaic NOC considers P1 issues to be of a critical nature, where the issue is:

  • Impeading operations of the majority of the users at the location
  • Impeading access to mission critical systems and services
  • All Internet links or Edge Devices/firewalls at a location are down

Required Information

  1. When did the issue begin or was first reported? 
  2. Provide a brief description of the issue?
    • Example: Users are unable to access Salesforce.
    • Example: Users are reporting high-latency or network drops.
  3. Where are the issues occurring?
    • Example: Entire San Francisco office
    • Example: Southeast corner of San Francisco office 
    • Example: Conference room 'X'
  4. How many users are estimated to be impacted by the issue? 
  5. Is the issue persistent or intermittent? 
  6. Are there other workarounds in place currently? 
    • Example: Yes, users have moved to another part of the office where the issue is not occurring. 
  7. Provide a sample list of computers /devices impacted, with computer name, IP address, MAC address, and WIFI network connected to (if applicable).


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