the voicemail system supports an unlimited number of mailboxes, both individual and shared amongst multiple users. Calls can also be routed directly to a voicemail box, such as general mailboxes or after-hours mailboxes.

Enabling Voicemail

Enabling voicemail via the UI that can be seen here:

  1. From the CloudPhone toolbar, select Users.




  2. Once you’re in the Users tab, click on the specific user’s User Features.




  3. Once you’re in the User Features tab, click on Voicemails.




  4. Next enable Voicemail-to-Email Settings. Voicemails will then be redirected to the user’s email address provided in the User Administration section. Save changes when complete.




Checking Voicemail via Phone

Dial *97 to be connected to Voicemail. When logging in for the first time, you will need to set a 4-digit password.

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